About Clear Waters “The Lake Guys”

professional lake management services

Clear Waters was started in 1996 by a group of experienced Aquatic Applicators to provide quality Lake Management Services. Our mission statement “Knowledgeable People Providing Quality Service” provides an excellent description our company and our personnel. We provide a more personal service to our clients and we look forward to visiting with you each month. We look forward to answering any questions regarding your lake or our service. Our customer will choose the check in procedure they desire and our technician will leave notification letting you know we were there. Our reference list includes suppliers and chemical company sales representatives with whom we have worked and trained. Many of our clients from years ago have joined us at Clear Waters knowing they would get our personal attention and service for their lakes and waterways.

Our client list includes homeowner associations, commercial and residential properties, golf courses, developmental companies, municipalities, water management districts and state agencies serving over 1,100 lakes for over 300 clients. All of our customers receive the same personal attention.

With locations in Broward, Duval and Volusia counties, Clear Waters, Inc. provides clients with a response within 48 hours – with a real person at your site, to remedy your concern.

Our Management Team:

Mark Graham, President - Trace Wolfe, Vice President - Joe Lawton, Jacksonville Manager -
Jeffery Jones, Daytona Beach Manager - Judd Lee, Utility Right-of-Way Manager

“Knowledgeable people providing Quality Services”