Lake and Pond Fish Stocking Services

professional lake management services

A well managed fish stocking program involves more than the introduction of gamefish, such as bass, into a lake. It is advisable to first stock with bream merely as a feeder fish to support the bass population. Introducing Bream is a necessary step to creating a food chain that will support the growth of the desirable fish populations. Three to six months following the bream stocking, bass or other gamefish may follow.


General rules for choosing which fish to stock in your lake include:

  • Should be a sports fish
  • Should reproduce without additional stocking
  • Should produce surplus young to provide necessary food for larger fish

In warm water regions of the United States, large mouth bass, bream and red-ear sunfish meet these requirements. Channel catfish can be stocked at any time since they inhabit their own special niche and do not compete with the other fish in the lake ecosystem.

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