Algae and Aquatic Weed Control Services

professional lake management services

We are happy to announce the addition of the Gator Lake Rake to our equipment list. Some of our customers have witnessed our experimental trials utilizing the Gator Lake Rake to remove excessive algae mats and floating weed detritus. In the past the typical protocol has been to allow the dead, dying weed material to float on the lake decay and sink.

We now have the capability to rake or sweep these floating mats to the shoreline. We deposit the material along the bank for draining. This removes the excessive minerals, and nutrients that are part of the composition of the algae and weeds. It’s very typical for our aquatic weed and algae treatments to cause the target plants to float.

If you would like more information about this service or to schedule a free lake survey and quote, please feel free to fill out our contact form here, or give us a call at 386.767.4928.

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